Vince McMahon Retiring as WWE Chairman and CEO kostenlos streamen | dailyme

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Vince McMahon Retiring as WWE Chairman and CEO


Vince McMahon takes to Twitter to abruptly announce he is retiring.



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Mind Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power kostenlos streamen | dailyme

Mind Exercises To Boost Your Brain Power

Brain exercises let you practice specific cognitive skills that exercise memory, attention span, logic, and fast thinking. These activities can range from puzzles and video games to board games and come in varying degrees of difficulty. As well as being fun to play, each of these games has some added benefits for your brain. "It’s important to engage in mentally challenging activities that allow you to constantly learn and get better," Denise Park, Ph.D., professor and director of research at School of Behavioral Sciences at the University of Texas. Here is a list of five brain exercises you can do to give your brain a workout. 1. Do a Crossword Puzzle Doing a crossword puzzle engages your verbal memory. 2. Playing an Online Brain Game Services such as Luminosity and BrainHQ provide free brain games that challenge memory, attention and concentration skills. 3. Start a Jigsaw Puzzle Puzzles engage your “visual-spatial working memory” when you see and remember which pieces fit into similarly shaped spaces. 4. Build a Model or Start a Knitting Project Tactile hobbies utilize procedural memory, which includes understanding, remembering and performing a sequence of actions. 5. Learn Some New Dance Moves Learning complex dance moves is a cognitive challenge as well. Dancing requires remembering and matching long sequences of body movements to the tempo and mood of the music. "It’s tactile, visual, motor and auditory, and it has the added benefit of improving your cardiovascular system," Dr. Park.

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